Country Mother’s- American Brunch:Country Mother’s

"Country Mother’s American Brunch" on Fuqian Road is the first choice for many locals who want a healthy brunch and a must-visit restaurant for many tourists. During dining hours, the 80-seat establishment is almost always full. The founder, James, is Canadia and named the restaurant because the bread and several sauce recipes were handed down to him by his grandmother.

James worked as a chef in Vancouver, Canada for more than ten years, and later became the head chef of an American Mexican restaurant. However, seeking to experience a different lifestyle, he went to Taipei, where he met Miss Guo, a girl from Hualien who taught English. Because of a deep love for Hualien and for its mountains and waters, they returned to Hualien in 2011 to open an American-style breakfast shop while preparing for their marriage ceremony.

The site of the restaurant was originally desolate. They wanted a natural and rustic atmosphere in the restaurant, so after renting it, they removed the compartments, rebuilt the brick wall, and renovated the entire place all by themselves. It took more than eight months to complete the re-construction. The original low wall of red bricks remains in the restaurant.

There are three dining areas in the restaurant: one is decorated in a retro style; one is surrounded by glass windows and has natural light on three sides, and the third is a pet-friendly area. It turns out that James is a dog lover, and the walls are covered with photos of pets sent by friends. Since the restaurant has a pet-friendly area, pet owners can bring their pets with them and enjoy dining at this restaurant.

Country Mother’s has more than 30 delicious brunch options, including specialty omelets, Mexican cuisine, sandwiches, French toast and muffins, and various salads. The restaurant also produces a large amount of European-style baked goods. The jam selection is particularly distinctive and includes mulberry jam, cinnamon applesauce, etc., all of which are healthy and delicious and handmade at the restaurant. Country Mother’s continues to develop brilliant European and America style brunch meals, and will launch a new menu in the near future to offer customers an even more extensive array of choices.

James is a great fan of the mountains and rivers in Hualien. In his leisure time, he drives up to Taroko with his wife to see the majestic gorge walls at Swallow Grotto. He also likes the lively fish at Sanzhan River.

Country Mother’s

地址:花蓮縣花蓮市府前路34號 時間:06:30-14:00(週三公休) 電話:(03)823-6008