Mexican Cuisine Dedicated to Hualien by Canadians:Dos Tacos Mexican Restaurant

The Mexican restaurant Dos Tacos, located on Fuxing Street in Hualien, is decorated with bright yellow signs, green cacti, and the colors of the Mexican flag. Restaurant owner Jason Chang is a Canadian who met Gao Ping, a girl from Hualien, in 2012 and married her the next year in Taiwan.

Gao formerly worked for a finance company in Taipei, but Jason felt that the climate of Hualien is very similar to that of Vancouver Island in Canada - comfortable and pleasant. In addition, he likes surfing and other outdoor sports and hoped to live in Hualien. As the couple didn’t want to be apart from each other, Gao resigned and together moved to Hualien.

Jason is terrific at cooking Mexican cuisine, but there were no Mexican restaurants in Hualien. After consulting with his wife, they decided to open a Mexican restaurant in hopes of introducing Mexican cuisine to the local people and opened for business at the end of 2013. In the beginning, people in Hualien did not take to spicy Mexican cuisine very well, and business was slow. However, after a series of media features and reports, accompanied by fresh ingredients from Hualien and customized levels of spiciness, a growing number of customers began enjoying authentic Mexican flavors.

The restaurant name Dos Tacos means "two tacos", and the most popular dish is the quesadilla, which is similar to a Mexican-style pizza. It’s a refreshing dish with a freshly baked crust that is paired with salsa, sour cream, jalapenos, and black olives.

Another well-known dish is Jason's favorite house-made dessert, "fried ice cream." Vanilla ice cream is coated with a special blend of powdered sugar and corn flour and then fried, resulting in a dessert that’s rich in flavor but not too sweet. It is of limited supply due to its complex cooking process.

On vacations, Jason and Gao enjoy being in the great outdoors. The couple loves Taroko, and occasionally go surfing at Jiqi Beach. If there is ample time in the day, they like to drive south to enjoy the geology at Shitiping. After the birth of their two children, they frequent Shuiyuandi on Shapodang River in Xiulin Township. It’s a great place for families and his kids have a lot of fun playing in the water.

Dos Tacos

Address: 92, Fuxing St., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Opening Hours: 11:30–14:00 , 18:00–20:45 (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Tel: (03)831–1733